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Written By Shingo Sugiura

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Fruit Worm

Satisfy the worm's appetite in Shingo Sugiura's fast-moving game for the BBC

In Fruit Worm, your task is to move a hungry worm around the garden which is full of fruits. You have to guide him so that he can eat the fruits and grow to be an adult worm, but the trouble is there are rocks and the brick wall to be avoided and the task of keeping your wary eyes on the time which is constantly ticking away.

Save Sections Of Memory

First type in listing 1 and save it using the name of "INIT", then type in listing 2 and save it under the name of "BFRUIT" on a different cassette. Run listing 2 and the cursor should reappear in a few seconds. You must now save the sections of memory which contain the data for the multi-coloured characters, i.e. the fruits. To do this, type:

*SAVE FRUIT 2D00 + 550

Wind the tape containing "INIT" to just after "INIT" and press RETURN. After this, type in listing 3 and save if after "INIT" and "FRUIT" before you run it.

All this must be done because the program contains quite a bit of machine code and thus could crash the machine if there is a mistake, probably resulting in a Bad Program. Those fortunate enough to have disc drives won't have to go through all this but must make sure not to insert any extra spaces in the third program, otherwise they will probably get a No Room message.

Now rewind the tape to the beginning and CHAIN the program. When "INIT" is loaded, the title page will appear. Press Stop on tape unless you have motor control facility or have discs - in which case the first program will load the main program at &1100. When the title page appears you can press Q if you do not want any sound, otherwise press the spacebar to load the rest of the program.

The Game Begins...

When "FRUIT" and "WORM" are loaded, the game will begin. In the middle of the screen you will see the worm's head for a while before it starts moving - in the first screen there is a short burst of music so if you have the sound off nothing will be happening for a while. This can look as if the machine has crashed - so resist the temptation to press Escape. In fact, this precaution applies to various other points in the game where there is music.

You control the movement of the snake with Z, X, : and / to move left, right, up and down respectively. If you manage to make the worm gobble up enough fruits before the time runs out, the remaining time will be added to the score and you will get to control another worm in another garden with another type of fruit. There are nine kinds of fruit and if you do not kill all four of the worms before this, a bonus of 2000 will be added to your score and you will also receive an extra life, then you go on to do the whole thing all over again, but I doubt if many people could even get to the ninth screen very easily, let alone do it repeatedly.

When you kill all four worms and the score is in the top eight, you will be asked to input your name. This can be anything up to fourteen characters long, then the top eight scores, together with the names of the scorers, will be displayed. At this point, if you have the sound off but would like it back on, press S if you have the sound on, but want it off press Q, if you like the sound as it is simply press the Space bar to replay.

My high-score is 16380 but I am sure many of you will beat that.

The programs are long and typing them in - especially listing 2 - will be a long, boring and an arduous process. If you do not have the time or the energy for such a task send a cheque or a postal order for 3.50 made payable to Shingo Sugiura to the following address:

42 Landford Road, Putney, London SW15 1AG

I will send you a copy of the game on a high quality C15 cassette.