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Written By Michael Barter

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Grand Prix

Michael Barter speeds up to the starting grid with a winner for the BBC

Your chance to join the kings of speed, jockeying for position as they push their sleek technological thoroughbreds to the utmost limits. No, it's not the South Circular at 8.30 in the morning, but a Grand Prix race simulation for the BBC Model B, or the Model A plus 32K. But restrain the urge to strap on your leather goggles and gloves for a bit; keying a program in is already awkward enough.

The number in line 10270 is the number of cars you have to pass to qualify for the next stage * 10. At the moment this number is set to 7 which means you have to pass 70 cars. This number should be lowered to make the game easier. There are five different stages to the game which include countryside, snow, desert, night and riverside scenes.

Type in listing 1 and save it on tape then set PAGE to &2500 and type in listing 2 and save it on the same tape as listing 1. To type in listings 3 and 4 page will also have to be set to &2500. Type in listing 3 and save it on a different tape to the first two. This program contains the data for the machine-code graphics and could corrupt itself when run.

Run listing 3 and if all is well a prompt will appear. You can now press space to save the graphics data on tape along with the other two listings. This process will have to be repeated to type listing 4. The programs should be saved with the following filenames Title, Grand, Chars, Prix.

Typing in the program, especially listing 4, will be a long process so for anybody who doesn't have the time I will send it to them on a high-quality C15 cassette if they send me a cheque for 3.50 made payable to M. Barter, at 105 Lewis Street, Crumlin, Gwent NP1 5EF.