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Written By M. Downes & S. Downes

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Hidden Depths

M and S. Downes, Glinton, Peterborough

This program shows an object from any angle, which can then be rotated. In the program, a pyramid is used in order to show its use, but any three-dimensional shape can be used. Instructions for this are given in the program. If the shape is plotted near the edge of the screen then the shape may become distorted.

The keys U, D, L, R are used to turn the shape to the required view. These angles are given at the top of the screen and allow standard views to be used. The images may be superimposed and the screen cleared by pressing "c". Line 30 gives red on a yellow background; line 70 gives blue on a white background; lines 120 to 240 contain the input routine for a new shape; lines 320 to 450 work out the screen co-ordinates; lines 560 and 580 contain the X, Y, Z co-ordinates of the pyramid; and line 690 contain the points to which the lines go.