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Written By Barry Wakelin

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Opening Screen
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Hold Up

HOLD UP In Action

The idea of this game is to cross the screen and collect the bags of swag and return with them to the getaway car. You will be hampered by falling bombs and aided by stone defences. Each level more bombs will fall and after a specified number of points either one or two blocks will be renewed. Also on each level the program will play a new tune - it knows four different ones.

The program is in three parts, though there are four parts to type in. The first part loads the others and sets up the UDG's and Envelopes. The second part makes the machine code and stores the multi-coloured characters. The final part is the Basic program.

Typing in the program is done as follows:

Type in program 1 and save it as "HOLDUP". Now type in program 2, RUN it, type NEW and enter program 3 and RUN it. Now save the code made by these programs with:

    *SAVE HOLD-UP 2981 2FFF

Now type in program 4 and save it as "HOLD-UP".

When loading the program from tape, make sure the DFS is disabled as the program sets PAGE to &D00.

Storing high and low bytes for the machine code is made easier and quicker by directly accessing the resident integer variables. These variables are stored from &400 onwards and each one takes up four bytes. So A% is at &400, B% is at &404 and so on.

When the game isn't being played the computer will show either the high score table or the instructions. These will be flicked between when the scrolling message at the top of the screen is finished. To toggle between them at any time press ESCAPE.

To change the difficulty of the game press C on one of the above screens.