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Written By Brian Lewis

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King Burger

In King Burger you must move around the screen stepping on pieces of hamburger to make them fall to the bottom to become completed burgers. However, there is a fried egg called Freda trying to stop you.

The burgers are made in four sections each of which must be walked across causing it to fall down a level and knock down anything which is below it until it reaches the tray at the bottom. There are six levels, each of which gets progressively harder until, on the sixth sheet, a second egg is introduced. My first major problem was to find a workable algorithm for the movement of the egg. I ended up partly pinching an idea I had seen in a friend of mine's game "Monsters" which he wrote some time ago on the Acorn Atom. The basic idea is that the egg or eggs check whether or not you are on the same level as them - if so, they move towards you, or else they move about randomly until they find a ladder and then, depending on your position, move up or down. Thanks to Andrew Greene for the idea.

The next problem was the movement of the two burgers. I solved this by setting aside eight memory locations, each containing a number which corresponds to the piece of burger and the extent to which it has been walked on. These memory locations are then moved around after the piece of burger has stopped moving. You have an advantage over Freda - the ability to drop one level and leave the egg stranded on a platform. However, this advantage is slowly taken away from you as you go through the six sheets. Any BBC users who wish to play the game will have to increase the numbers held in the X and Y registers in the "delay" routine and thus slow down the game. Each of the four programs should be typed in, checked, saved and then run to ensure you do not get a bad program.