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Written By Brian Lewis

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Kung Fu Master

Brian Lewis and a program with brawn and brains

Kung Fu Master is fairly unusual as magazine listings go, as it allows either Electron or BBC users to type in the program as it stands and the program itself detects which machine it is running on and makes any necessary changes to the program automatically. This is achieved by reading the value of the INKEY-256 command.

The game is standard Karate-style where each player can execute a certain number of moves, in this case 10, in order to attack his opponent or defend himself. The unusual thing about this game is the size and quality of the graphics; each player being 64 pixels or eight characters high. Such large characters would normally take a large chunk out of the already limited memory and would also result in a huge amount of data which would have to be typed in by the user.

To get around this problem I have used a simple but still effective compression technique; each character is stored in miniature form, in this case four characters high, and then this is expanded up to the full eight characters by the printing routine.

To implement the moves you must use the following combinations of control keys:

Forward/Backward/Jump - Self explanatory
Punch - Forward and up
Face shove - Jump and down
High kick - Backward and up
Mid kick - Backward and down
Lower Mid kick - Jump and up
Jab Kick - Forward and down
Block - Forward and backward

The actual keys for the players are:

  Player 1 Player 2
Forward Z ,
Backward SHIFT .
Down X ?
Up D :

All four listings should be typed in and saved one after the other on the same cassette. If your cassette recorder has no motor control then allow quite a large gap between programs.

If you do not want to type in the game but do wish to play it, simply send me a blank cassette and large sae and I will record the game for you free of charge.