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Written By John Wilson

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Meteors is a game for the BBC Micro Model B or Model A with 32K RAM. The idea of the game is to avoid the meteors as you fly through a storm. You gain points by staying alive, or bonus points can be gained by collecting the crosses. You gain more points the lower you descend into the storm, or even more points for reaching the bottom of the screen.

The controls used are as follows:

A - Left, D - Right, X - Thrust

The Thrust control only works when you have collected enough fuel - the crosses - to enter hyperdrive. This allows you to reach the bottom of the screen, and the next stage, very quickly. The further you get in the storm, the more fuel you require to thrust. You start off with three ships, and will lose one every time you hit a meteor.

Although it sounds a very simple game, it is quite difficult to master and the graphics are excellent. The program is relatively short and should pose no problems when typing it in. To help with converting the program to a different computer, I will give a description of what the different parts of the program do.

Line Use
10 - 20 Set up ENVELOPE statements
30-280 Print out instructions in double-height lettering
300-340 Set up high-score table
410 Read the character at cursor position
440-620 Set up colours, user-defined characters, and make the cursor invisible
640-670 Print up and increment score
680-730 Your movement
740-750 Background stars
760-790 Keep you on the screen
800 Have you crashed into an asteroid?
810 Have you collected a cross?
820-830 Print your spaceship
840 Add a cross to the screen
850-880 Add an asteroid
890-970 Print an asteroid of random size
980-1100 You have hit a meteor, explosion routine
1120-1150 Any ships left?
1160-1180 Print your score
1190-1230 Is it good enough to be put in the high-score table?
1240-1350 Print high-score table
1360-1390 Find the character at the given screen co-ordinates
1400-1540 Completed a stage
1550-1690 Enter your name into the high score table
1700-1760 Error in program
1770-1800 Print string in double-height
Variable Use
H% Position in memory where list of high scores are kept
N% Position in memory where the list of names are stored
STAGE Stage number
L% Amount of fuel so far collected
ST% General counter
SHIP Number of ships left
Y Y co-ordinate of ship
O% Start of read character at cursor position routine
SC Score
X X co-ordinate of ship
K Movement direction of ship
T Size of asteroid to be printed
X1 X co-ordinate of asteroid
Y1 Y co-ordinate of asteroid
I General loop
FL Where your score is placed in the high-score table
A General delay, local variable
B Local variable
A$ Your name, local variable