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Written By Shingo Sugiura

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Shingo Sugiura, Putney, London

You must guide a hungry baby millipede gobbling up red fruits whilst avoiding the deadly rocks. Naturally, if you guide him backwards he will bite himself and die. Every time he eats a fruit he grows by one segment. When it reaches a length of 40 segments, you will have to guide another faster baby millipede on a new screen.

You have three lives at your disposal. The score is constantly updated and because all the calculations and the printing of the millipede's segments are done in machine code, the action is very fast. If you want to change your speed press Escape, this will revert you back to the instructions without clearing the high score. Use Z and X for left and right respectively, and the colon and oblique stroke for up and down.

Program Notes

Lines Program notes
50-240 machine code
250-330 sets up screen
340-500 main program
520-700 initialise variables
710-900 instructions
910-1030 sets up screen
1040-1090 prints the rocks
1110-1200 prints the fruits
1210-1240 prints score and high score
1250-1280 new screen procedure
1290-1310 checks the colour in front of head
1320-1360 death procedure
1370-1390 ending procedure
1400-1420 delay procedure