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Written By G. E. Malpas

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Mode 7 Train

G. E. Malpas, Little Stoke, Bristol

This program produces a piece of computer-generated animation for the BBC Micro and shows the use of both colour and block graphics in the teletext mode - as featured in June's Your Computer.

Lines 10-80 initialise the program and plot the background colour using CHR$(157) which produces a solid line of colour across the screen for the blue of the sky and green of the fields. Line 90 calls a routine to draw clouds in the sky, lines 480-520, and produces between one and eight clouds in random positions in the sky. This creates a different pictures each time the program is run. Line 100 calls a similar routine to draw a hut on the screen.

The main body of the program, lines 100-330, produces the sound effects for the train as it passes across the screen and also produces the control for the speed of the train, lines 140, 190, 270, 320. The position of the train is then plotted using the routine at lines 360-430. Lines 370 and 380 plot a solid line of colour across the screen producing the animated effect. Lines 390 and 400 plot the train itself in red, and then line 420 will produce puffs of smoke from the train at various positions across the screen using the routine ProcChuf.

The overall effect is a very colourful and amusing program. The reader could try adding further items to the scene.