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Written By J. P. Riggs

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Moonlandings Demo

J. P. Riggs, Gosport, Hampshire

This program will give you an insight into the graphical possibilities of the BBC Microcomputer. It starts in a living-room of a house, with a television in one corner showing The Space Programme where you are about to witness the take-off of an Apollo rocket into space. It lands on the moon's surface, takes off again, orbits the earth and plunges into the sea awaiting rescue.

The program is designed for the Model B machine but with small modifications will be able to run in lower modes. Converters to lower modes should note that lines 50, 170, 320 and 400 are where modes are set and text and graphic windows are defined. Sound has been incorporated for added realism.

Line 50 - makes the screen white by drawing two triangles and filling them in using the PLOT 85 command
Lines 60 to 70 - give the room its walls and ceiling
Lines 80 to 100 - draw the plush carpet on the floor
Lines 110 to 270 - draw the television, door, picture, etc
Line 170 - defines the text window - see VDU statements in manual
Line 320 - defines the graphics window
Lines 330 to 380 - are the calls procedures. The main body of the program
Lines 390 to 420 - ends the program resetting windows
Lines 430 to 440 - clear the television's screen
Lines 450 to 600 - are the re-entry Procedure and draw Earth and the rocket orbiting
Lines 610 to 650 - are the wait Procedure, and delay the program for "s" seconds
Lines 660 to 740 - are the take-off Procedure and draw Cape Canaveral with its launch-pad and rocket, and after a 10-second countdown ignition commences
Lines 750 to 810 - make the rocket travel through the void of endless space, forever coasting
Lines 820 to 950 - draw the moon and make the lander craft descend, land and take-off again ready for its trip back to earth
Lines 960 to 1070 - create the final descent to Earth