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Written By David Cadin

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Mouse Trap

David Cadin, Trinity, Jersey.

This game for the BBC Micro with an OS 1.2 requires 32K in its present version, but if all Mode 1 statements are changed to Mode 4, it will run on a Model A.

The game consists of a yellow ball and a green wall which must be manoeuvred around to trap the ball in the red area of the screen. The ball always starts from position 640,30 and the wall starts at 0,0.

If the ball hits the wall or the edge of the screen, it will bounce off but to end the game the ball must be trapped. Lines 1 to 9 set up envelopes and print introduction and instructions; line 10 is the game, calling procedures in order; and lines 11 to 37 are different procedures:

PROCv Sets up more variables
PROC6 Controls the ball's movements
PROCp Gets player input and draws and moves the wall
PROCe Erases ball
PROCpl Plots ball
PROCsc Gives score
PROCscr Scrolls screen
PROCsp Gets space-bar entry and restarts the game

The main variables are:

H$ Name of player with high score
H High score
a Colour the ball is erased in
SC% Score - Time/100
gx x gradient of ball
gy y gradient of ball
x x position of ball
y y position of ball
X1 x position of wall
Y1 y position of wall
X last x position of wall
Y last y position of wall