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Written By Matthew Sillett

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Picasso's Paintbrush


Picasso's Paintbrush is a multi-feature drawing program for the BBC Micro. Impressive pictures can be created quickly and easily using the many built-in functions.

  • Automatic circle, triangle, semi-circle, rectangle and ellipse drawing routines
  • Extensive colour mixing
  • Three cursor speeds
  • Three line thicknesses
  • Rubber-band facility
  • Load and Save screens
  • Spray colour option
  • Print text anywhere on the screen
  • Colour-fill routine
  • Full Mode 2 colour graphics

The program contains full instructions of how to operate these functions and the keys involved - all thirty of them. There are three methods of colour mixing provided, all of whcih are very easy to use.

The first way is to fill the area involved in one of the two colours to be mixed - e.g. red - and then to overlay it with alternate pixels of the second colour - e.g. yellow. The combination of red and yellow produces a very good orange.

The second way is the same as above, but to overlay with horizontal lines - e.g. a darker orange may be produced using this method. The final method is to use high GCOL values to produce "hatching". On pressing the specified key, you must enter this value - e.g. 198 produces a good brown, when the colour is set to white.