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Written By Brian Lewis

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Rock Run

Brian Lewis avoids an avalanche

Inspired by one of the best games of 1984 - Boulderdash - Rock Run sets you down in an underground cavern where your task if to collect 16 diamonds before time runs out. As you tunnel through the earth you inevitably dislodge boulders and rocks: if they are piled on top of each other you may trigger an avalanche.

There are 10 screens, nine of which can be selected by pressing the appropriate letter when the title page is up, while the 10th must be worked up to. Each of the screens is so designed that the diamonds must be collected in the correct order. Otherwise the player or some diamonds will be trapped - whereupon the player may either press Q to lose a life or wait until the time runs out. The time is represented by a column on the right hand of the screen.

The game runs on both the Electron and the BBC but BBC owners will need to slow it down by increasing the value of the X and Y registers in the delay routine at line 350. You can experiment with different values to find the speed that suits you but you could start by typing LDX#150 and LDY#150.

To enter the program simply type in and save listings 1 and 2 one after the other. It is a good idea to save each program as soon as you have typed it all in. You can then check it by running it and save it again once you have ironed out any errors. As the program runs at &1900 as well as &E00 disc owners can save it straight to disc without resetting PAGE. They will, however, need to change line 790 to read:

CHAIN "[progname]"

You will find the game a real challenge to play. Do not get too frustrated if you can not clear too many sheets at first: there is a definite route to follow on each screen, and very little time to find out what it is. To help you I have given you no less than 10 lives.

The numbers displayed across the top line in each screen have the following meaning: the first two are the number of diamonds collected, the next six are your score, and the last two are the number of lives left.