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Written By John Billingham

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John Billingham, London N21

In this program, written for the BBC Micro in Mode 5, a series of notes is randomly selected and played. You must try to remember the series, which gradually grows longer, and play it back by using the four cursor keys. Coloured squares also flash on the screen to aid memory. Here are the main variables:

NTE() - list containing sequence of 30 random numbers
C - number of notes to be remembered
CC - note required

These notes should help you understand the program:

10 - dimensions NTE for 30 notes, removes flashing cursor, sets mode, sets character 240 to an inverse space
20 - makes the cursor keys return values
30 - sets colours
40 to 70 - draws blocks of colour and border
80 - randomly selects note sequence
120 - plays note sequence
130 - clears keyboard buffer
140 to 210 - REPEAT...UNTIL loop for input of notes
280 - resets cursor keys to editors
290 - resets colours and flashing cursor
300 to 500 - procedures