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Written By Stuart Sly

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Sorceror's Castle Demo

Stuart Sly, Walsall, West Midlands

This program is a fairly simple but impressive demonstration of some of the sound and graphics capabilities of the BBC Micro.

The program draws a castle on a hill which, by use of the VDU19 command, is made to appear instantly. There is first a thunderstorm which illuminates the castle with lightning. At midnight the old clock chimes out the hours disturbing a bat which flies out of one of the towers.

Finally, ProcEnd gives a dramatic sonic and graphic finale to the program but if you have enough memory you could extend the program.

Lines 40-110 draw out the castle but by setting all the colours to blue in line 30 this cannot be seen. Line 120 sets the normal colours and the castle appears as if by magic.

The VDU19 command is used again for the effects during the lightning. Line 160 uses sound channel 0 to give the thunder. Line 170 sounds the clock's chimes using the envelope defined in line 10.

Lines 180-290 give the logic for the bat's flight. Lines 300-360 are subroutines for the bat, the flashing light and the lightning. Both program were written on a BBC Model A but should run easily on a Model B.