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Written By Paul Sweeting

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Stop! Thief!

Paul Sweeting, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

In this game, you are Harry the burglar and you have broken into a house. The object is to steal everything valuable in sight.

I will not go into all the ins and outs of the game - but I will just give you the basic idea.

There are five rooms in the house which all interconnect. They are: the entrance hall which is where you start, the kitchen to the left of the entrance hall, the lime room above the entrance hall, the conservatory to the left of the lime room and the attic on top.

In each room there is a nasty. Here's a list of them:

The entrance hall: a cricket bat
The kitchen: a custard pie
The conservatory: a blue flower
The lime room: a lime
The attic: a ghost

The valuable items are represented by flashing signs.

Here are some other points you may find interesting:

  • If you do not wish to go up some stairs in front of you then jump through them
  • To go down a rope, just walk over the top of it
  • You can't go up a rope
  • When you have stolen all the flashing then go back to the entrance hall, where the exit will be shown

When typing in the game, first type in program 1 and save it, then type in program 2 and save it directly after program 1. Always run program 1 before program 2.