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Written By S. Bradshaw

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S. Bradshaw

Stuntman is a game where you become a stuntman and you have to jump over cars on a motorbike.

Your motorbike starts off in the top left corner of the screen and you control its speed across and down the screen. There are six levels on each screen with a jump with varying numbers of cars on each. It does not matter if you jump too far over the cars, unless there is a tunnel after a jump. After the jumps with tunnels you must land just after the cars in order to go straight through the tunnel.

You start with three motorbikes and lose one every time you crash, and the game ends when you have none left. You score five points for every jump and a bonus for finishing each screen. There is also an extra bonus for of a hundred points for finishing five screens.

The program takes up about 3.4K but it uses Mode 1 which uses 20K. The program was written for the model B but it could easily be converted to run on Model A in Mode 4. The instructions procedure is unimportant and could be missed out or changed. To omit the procedure delete lines 60, 540 and 550, change line 520 and change line 530 to: