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Written By J. C. Bullock

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J. C. Bullock, Telford, Shropshire

Telecolour makes it easier to produce the CHR$ colour commands, by printing the correct CHR$ expression when one of the function keys is pressed with SHIFT-CTRL for example:

When Telecolour is off, SHIFT-F1 produces a red colour control character.

When Telecolour is on, SHIFT-F1 produces CHR$129;

The program occupies less than 255 bytes in machine code. Type it in, RUN it and type:


If you press CTRL and Break or redefine f0 or the Break key, you will have to type in *FX18 followed by the two function key definitions given in lines 50 and 60 of the listing. Now, Break will switch Telecolour on, f0 will switch it off.