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Written By Shingo Sugiura

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The Great Escape

Collect the weapons, defuse the bomb, avoid Dr. Sinclive's hideous creations and escape his castle. Shingo Sugiura shows you how to help Hermann collect the weapons littered about the screen using a BBC Micro

One day, Hermann is out in the woods collecting acorns when he suddenly realises he has accidentally wandered into the courtyard of the evil Dr. Sinclive's castle. Soon he is surrounded by hideous creations. To make matters worse, a bomb is slowly ticking away. His only hope is to collect the weapons and defuse the bomb...

Program Listings

Type in listing 1 carefully and save it to tape. Now type in listing 2 and save it on another tape. Run listing 2 and if all goes well, a prompt for you to save the resulting data will come up. Press Y so that the data will be saved under listing 1 - it will be saved under filename "DATA". Now type in listing 3 and save it under "M.CODE" after "DATA" and type in listing 4 and save it under "ESCAPE" after listing 3.

Now you're in a position to run the game. CHAIN in the first program. It should proceed to load in the data and the main programs. When all the parts have been loaded, the cast of the game should be printed and the program will wait for you to press the space bar. When you do, the game will finally begin.

Playing The Game

The screen will be set up and a short intro music will be played. After that you're off! The point of the game is to collect the five weapons which are littered about the screen and defuse the bomb by sitting on it! Note that all the weapons must be collected before the bomb is defused. By collecting the weapons in a certain order, big bonus points will be gained. I will leave it to you to investigate the order in which to collect the weapons.

Control Hermann with Z, X, * and ? to move left, right, up and down respectively. Every time [ text missing ] movement. So you must not move around the screen wildly disposing of all the blocks because you will soon find that you are totally stuck!


However, seemingly impossible situations may be got out of by using the scroll feature. By pressing A and J, the row Hermann is in will move left or right. Of course, the bomb must be defused before it goes off - indicated by the time on the bottom half of the bomb - and there are 10 monsters roving about the screen intent on capturing Hermann! As you progress, pot holes will appear further restricting your movement.

Screens may be cleared quite easily if you ignore the bonus feature but in order to obtain any decent score, you must go for the bonus points.

The game ends if Hermann is eaten by a monster, you run out of time or you try to defuse the bomb before you have collected all the weapons. If you have achieved a good score, you will be asked to enter your name in the hall of fame for posterity.

Game Options

During the game, sound output may be disabled by pressing Q and enabled by pressing S. Remember that if you disable the sound, nothing will happen while the micro is playing the intro music. So there will be a slight delay before the game starts. Don't press Break thinking the machine has crashed!

It is because of the Beeb's ridiculously small memory capacity that I split up the program into so many small sections.

However, the graphics and sound effects are rather special for a magazine listing and the game itself is very good fun. So please have a go at typing it in.

If you do not have the time to type in the listings, I can supply cassette copies of the game for 2.50. Please send cheques or postal orders made payable to Shingo Sugiura to the following address: 20 Oakfield Gardens, Dulwich Wood Avenue, London SE19 1HF.