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Written By Man Wagstaff

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Man Wagstaff, Richmond, North Yorkshire

The usual methods of checking that a program has been recorded satisfactorily are to enter:

*CAT or *L. "" 8000

and then replay the tape. Unfortunately, these methods simply check that there is something on the tape. No check with the actual program in the machine is made. This program provides such a facility.

If it written in assembly language to produce the necessary machine code routine. As it stands, the code starts at &C00 but it is relocatable and can be assembled anywhere in RAM so as not to interfere with the program which is to be recorded - alter line 4.

Enter the listing shown, record it and then RUN it. Rewind the tape to replay the recording and enter:


You are now using the machine code to check that your recording of the assembly language listing is OK. If all is well you should see the program's name followed eventually by "Verified OK". If you get the message "Failed - record it again" then what is on tape does not agree with that you have in the machine.

For other programs, assemble the machine code somewhere convenient in RAM. Record your program, rewind the tape to the start of your program and then CALL the start address of the machine code.