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Written By Richard Dodd

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Word Processor

Richard Dodd, Caterham, Surrey

This program has been designed to provide BBC users with a word processor that will perform the basic text-processing functions on a Model B with a printer but no discs. This means that the text has to be stored in RAM during processing which limits the amount of text that is able to be stored. With this in mind the program has been made as short as possible while still providing many of the features you would expect from a word processor.

This word processor has been designed to be used with an 80-column printer but can be easily changed to run on a 40-column printer.

When you run the program you will be presented with a list of eleven commands and the two letter code for each. These commands are:

Load text; Save text; Print text; Enter text; Justify text; Help; Centre on; Centre off; Count words; Exit program

Any of these commands can be entered at any time during the program. If you press the Tab key the prompt "Next Command..." will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can then enter the two-letter code for the command you want.

Load/Save: When this option is chosen you will be asked for the name of the file you wish to load or save. After loading text there will be a short wait while the number of words in the document are counted.

Edit text: If during entering text you make a mistake this command enables you to go back and edit any page you wish. When you choose this option you will first be asked if you wish to (I)nsert, (D)elete, or (R)eplace words. Next you will be asked which page you wish to edit. You can then edit the page using a cursor "+" that is moved using the four arrow keys.

Centre on/off: This command enables you to centre a complete line of text by touching the Return key. This command is useful for centering title etc.

Help: If you forget the two letter code for one of the eleven commands entering this command or pressing the Escape key will display a list of all the commands.

Count words: After you have finished entering a document this command will recount the number of words.

Justify: This command will line up both the left and right margins of the lines in your document by adding extra spaces.

The program, if loaded with PAGE set to B00, is able to store over 70 lines of text each of 80 characters. When you reach this limit the program will stop and tell you that the memory is now full up. You must then save the text or print it and then restart the program. At this point you can also edit the text but you cannot insert any extra words.