Forth On The Bbc Microcomputer


Forth On The BBC Microcomputer and Acorn Electron serves as a general introduction to FORTH, and includes a full description of Acornsoft FORTH with a glossary defining the actions of all standard words.

Acornsoft FORTH is a complete implementation of the FORTH language to the 1979 Standard specification for the BBC Microcomputer Model B and Acorn Electron. In addition to a comprehensive set of arithmetic and stack operators, control transfer words and defining words, Acornsoft FORTH includes full graphics commands and the more advanced features for defining the actions of defining words themselves. This opens the door to Meta-FORTH, and user-defined FORTH-based languages.

The Acornsoft FORTH system includes the FORTH Assembler, Editor, and graphics demonstration.

About the author
Richard De Grandis-Harrison read Physics at Balliol College, Oxford. He became interested in FORTH during four years of research in Astronomy at the Royal Greenwich Observatory and Imperial College London. He now lectures in Mathematics, Physics and Computing at Hackney College, and is Chairmain of the UK FORTH Interest Group.

First sentence

This manual and the associated implementation of FORTH could not have been produced without the assistance and advice of many people.