21 Games For The Electron


21 Electrifying Games For Your Electron

Here are 21 exciting graphics games, with full colour and sound, all written specially for your Electron. Each game is listed in its entirety with a description of the object of the game and details of how to play it. Where appropriate, Typing Tips are provided to help you avoid difficulties in entering the programs.

Full details are given of subroutine structure and the particular programming techniques used.

A final section points to ways of personalising or improving the program, so that you can develop your own programming expertise at the same time as enjoying the games!

Games of this quality are not normally available in book form so you are getting great value for money.

The Authors
Mike James is the author of The BBC Micro: An Expert Guide, and both he and S. M. Gee have written several other very successful books on programming. They are both regular contributors to the monthly computing magazines. Kay Ewbank is an experienced programmer who has been involved in many joint projects with the other authors.

First sentence

This is a collection of twenty-one games written to be played on your Electron.