40 Educational Games For The Electron


If your family already owns an Electron - or if you are thinking of buying one - the chances are that it is because you have thought about the part computers are going to play in your family's future. The programs in this book have been designed to help the younger members of your family to handle the Electron and to increase their general knowledge - whilst also enjoying themselves.

All of these ideas have been developed with the assistance of educationalists and a professional programmer. They are intended to give young users games which will complement their schooling and also give them a head start in using a micro.

Subjects include languages, geography, mathematics, and science. Hints are also provided to show how the contents of the programs can be changed to suit the family as their skill improves.

The Author
Vince Apps is a regular contributor to journals such as Popular Computing Weekly and Home Computing Weekly. He is a graduate of Sussex University in Computer Science and has his own successful software company.

Front cover illustration by Alan Craddock

First sentence

This is now a 'how to use your machine' book as we assume that the user will already have a working knowledge of the main commands on the Electron keyboard.