Adventure Games For The Electron


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Adventures are probably the most exciting, and fastest growing area of computer software today. Whether you are an experienced programmer, or new to computing, Adventure Games for the Electron - which reveals the secrets behind the top professional games - is a book you will not want to be without.

The Electron's high-powered BASIC is ideally suited to the task of producing complex and intriguing adventures. This book, with its numerous examples and ready-to-use program modules, is your passport to this fascinating world.

The Author
A. J. Bradbury, who also writes under the name John Noad, is a computer studies teacher and a keen adventurer. His articles have appeared in Windfall and Personal Computer News.

First sentence

Once Upon a Time... Giggy Byte knew that his one chance of finding the secret H.Q. of the Marandel space bandits lay in his ability to track one of the bandits on his way back from the supply station on Xabelias III.