Handbook Of Procedures For The Electron


Ready-To-Use Program Modules For All Purposes!

This unique, ready reference of standard routines for the Electron will save hours of programming time and help you create better programs.

A full listing of each procedure is provided accompanied by an explanation of how it works and how to use it, with a precise description of what it does. This makes it easy to incorporate the procedures and functions into a program.

These short, self-contained programs will teach beginners much about BASIC and, for the experienced programmer provide the ready-made building blocks for modular programming.

The Authors
Audrey and Owen Bishop between them have written over forty books including many on popular computing.

Front cover illustration by Stuart Hughes

First sentence

When a certain operation has to be repeated several times during the course of a program, it is convenient to write it as a procedure, a function or a subroutine.