Practical Programs For The Electron


Make Your Electron Really Useful!

Now you have an Electron you will want to put your machine to work. Here are fourteen useful and highly practical programs to help you every day.

Programs include:

  • BUDGET - a useful accounts program.
  • INFO FILE - a versatile database with hundreds of applications for busy people.
  • STOCK TAKE - to help you check your supplies.
  • SUPERSOUND - to help you compose effective sounds.
  • CASH FLOW - a simple spreadsheet program to predict the state of your finances during the coming fourteen months.
  • SPACE PLAN - use mobile graphics to plan the layout of your house, garden or office.
  • INDEX - produces an alphabetically ordered list.
  • CHARACTERS - a novel program to make it easy to design your own graphics characters.
  • GOTTIT! - helps the student learn and recall facts for examinations.
  • WHAT NEXT? - a program to help you make the best possible decisions, in private life, in business or in your career.

Full instructions and suggested applications are provided, with all you need to know to adapt the programs to suit your special needs.

The Authors
Owen Bishop and Audrey Bishop are freelance technical writers and programmers. Between them they have written over forty books, including many on popular computing. Owen Bishop is a well-known and regular contributor to computing journals.

Front cover illustration by Stuart Hughes

First sentence

All the programs in this book were written on the Electron.