Games For Your Acorn Electron
Virgin Games


Programs of originality and quality for all the family

More than 20 challenging programs, each one especially written for the series and guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment.

The games include Froggy Go Home (help a poor lost frog across a motorway and river; Terror Terrain (avoid the rocks while collecting valuable orb stones from the planet Orbus); Ten Green Bottles (can you knock the bottles off the wall?); Cliff Golf (practise your shots without even moving from your armchair!); Pennies From Heaven (a game to test your split-second reactions); and Sound Generation (three programs that demonstrate the many sounds your computer can produce).

Games For Your Acorn Electron will improve your programming skills as you follow the instructions to put each of the programs into your machine, and comes complete with a brief dictionary of computer terms and some hints on how to extend the programs in the book.

First sentence

Typing in a computer program is like opening an unknown door.