Artic is one of those software houses that started life selling ZX81 software. Recently, they've been very quiet so I was very surprised to find a new game called WEB WAR from them for the BBC/Electron.

The version I received was a pre-production copy so the game was not accompanied by any documentation or inlay card.

When the game loaded, a Mode 1 screen popped up with a strange green border. After memorising the control keys, I pressed K to start the game. As soon as the screen appeared, it was obvious that WEB WAR is in fact a rip-off of the arcade game TEMPEST. I'm sure those nice people at Atari would like to get in touch with Artic since they've already released an official version under the Superior banner.

Anyway, apart from being unlicensed, it's nowhere near as good as the Atari version. There's only one type of enemy, they flicker horribly as they crawl along, sound effects are unimaginative, enemies are not as intelligent as they should be, there is no super-zap facility and, worst of all, it's much too easy. So each that on my first attempt, I scored nearly three million. I could go on about the non-existent explosions, no title page, no fireworks at the hall of fame stage but I think I've said enough.