Acorn Programs Logo
For Users Of The BBC B, B+, Master And Acorn Electron
Publisher: ECC Publications
Active: 1983-1984
Frequency: Bimonthly
Archive Status: Incomplete

Acorn Programs was exactly what you would expect - a magazine filled with programs for the Acorn machines. As it did not run for very long (It is believed there were only eleven issues in total!), the Acorn machines it covered were the early ones. That is, the BBC B and the Acorn Electron.

As with most of the computer magazines produced in the Eighties, it came with no cover tape, and readers had to physically sit and type in any of the programs they wished to play. The first few issues are wall-to-wall type-ins with only cursory introductions mentioning what the program does and who contributed it. However, the later issues do have more varied content, with editorial pieces, news articles and competitions.

As with A&B Computing, the magazines themselves are now extremely difficult to find and, even here at Acorn Electron World, we have not managed to get together a complete collection. This page currently showcases only the front covers of each of the Acorn Programs magazines which we have managed to find. Discs of the programs are available over in the Acorn Programs catalogue of the PD World section.

We have, however, made one issue available in full, so you can gauge the quality of this publication (and also because it featured a rather interesting article on ELITE. If you need to see a scan of any other articles/issues in its entirety, please let us know and we will endeavour to provide it as soon as possible.

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Issue 1
(Dec 83/Jan 84)

Issue 2
(Feb 84/Mar 84)

Issue 3
(Apr 84/May 84)

Issue 4
(Jun 84/Jul 84)

Issue 5
(Aug 84/Sep 84)
Acorn Programs #6 (Oct 1984)
Issue 6
(October 84)

Issue 7
(November 84)
Acorn Programs #8 (Dec 1984)
Issue 8
(December 84)