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For Users Of The BBC B, B+, Master And Acorn Electron
Publisher: Argus Specialist Publications
Active: 1984
Frequency: Monthly
Archive Status: Incomplete

Unfortunately, we cannot be any kind of authoritative source for Computer Gamer as, until a copy of it was unearthed in an old cardboard box at CGE UK 2005, we had never heard of it. Rather like Computer & Video Games though, what we have here is a magazine which collates much of the more exciting news across a variety of machines - and contains type-in games for some of them.

Retailing at 95p (according to the issue we have) Computer Gamer covers a lot of ground and its reviewers seem rather more grounded than some others, pointing out in many a review that the inlay makes wildly exaggerated claims as to the quality of the game itself. There are also articles, competitions and advertisements in full colour.

Although we have only discovered one issue (#4), another issue (#3) was also scanned in for us by Carlos Rondao, and this page currently showcases only the front cover of each of these Computer Gamer magazines. Both issues contain arcade games for the BBC/Electron, which have been duly archived over in the Computer Gamer catalogue in the Companion Discs section. As you would expect, the magazines themselves are extremely difficult to find.

If you can provide us with any more information regarding Computer Gamer then please do contact us.

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Issue 1
(April 1985)

Issue 2
(May 1985)

Issue 3
(June 1985)

Issue 4
(July 1985)

Issue 5
(August 1985)

Issue 6
(September 1985)

Issue 7
(October 1985)

Issue 8
(November 1985)