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Originally published in Electron User 5.10
Adventures By Pendragon IF we are to believe the experts and wise wizards like Merlin, summer is here again and interest in micros wanes as citizens of my fair land rush out into the sun.

But experts - and even wizards - have been known to be wrong.

It is at times like this that you can spot adventure fanatics. They are the people who rise some time after 10am, have pale faces and dark rings under their eyes.

They wander aimlessly around in the midday sun muttering strange incantations like "Try UNLOCK GATE WITH RUSTY KEY" and have permanent bald scratch marks on their pates.

There are no new releases to report this month, but rumours filtering through my vassals indicate some exciting surprises in store for this autumn.

Perhaps now is the time to upgrade your Electron to 64K with a SLOGGER MASTER RAM BOARD, to make the most of goodies to come, and delight in the odd BBC Micro Level 9 adventures.

A number of readers have written in with thanks for the recent series of that were published for TWIN KINGDOM VALLEY (TKV). They have obviously helped many adventurers make progress in this complex graphic game.

However, Mrs. Madeline Charlton, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, writes:

"I am a complete beginner to adventuring on TWIN KINGDOM VALLEY, and at present keep getting walloped by various nasties, ending with the infuriating "You are dead. Bye bye!" message.

At this point I cannot get the program to do anything, and have to re-load. Is there any way around this irritating waste of time?"

John Rogerson, among many, echoes this complaint concerning the failure of the save game facility. For the thousands of you who have been struggling with TKV, dear Bill Trevelyan once again comes to the rescue. He explains the problem and provides a remedy.

It appears that the Electron game is a modified version of the program written for another machime, and in this, the 18-byte parameter block for OSFILE was located at &3BEE. The programmer evidently decided to relocate this at &B00, since the program has 18 bytes of junk at &B00-&B11. But then he forgot to alter the addresses in the body of the program.

The result is that every time *SAVE or *LOAD is entered, 18 bytes of the game's running program at &35EE onwards are wiped out, and it crashes.

All that is required is to alter the addresses to refer to a parameter block at &B00, and the game works perfectly. To do this, you load the main program VALLEY - it runs from &B00 to &5C40 - and enter the following corrected slab of code:


Then save the corrected program.

This month I begin a series of maps of mazes which I hope will enable a number of readers to extricate themselves from dead ends in some adventures.

We start off with a map of the coloured rooms and iron passages in SPHINX ADVENTURE. Next month I will feature a map of the Witherton maze in PROJECT THESIUS.

Until machine code is easier on the eye, happy adventuring.

Hall of Fame
THE STOLEN LAMP (Lothlorien) - Paul Davies
Go SOUTH, WEST and SOUTH. BUY the CARPET, GET the CARPET and go NORTH, EAST, NORTH, EAST. DROP CARPET, DROP GRENADE and go WEST, SOUTH, WEST, WEST, NORTH, WEST. READ the MESSAGE and make a note of the magic word you're given. Then go EAST, EAST, SOUTH, EAST, EAST, NORTH and EAST.

GET the GRENADE and GET CARPET and go WEST. SAY the secret word and you will fly on the magic carpet. Go NORTH and DOWN. GET the SLEDGEHAMMER then SAY the secret word. Go SOUTH, SOUTH, EAST and DOWN.

GET the DIAMOND and go NORTH, EAST. THUMP the STATUE into the pit and go EAST. GET the red HERRING and go WEST, WEST, NORTH. GET the BRACELET and the GIRL. SMASH the COLUMN and GET the BOX.

Go NORTH and DROP the BOX again. PULL the PIN and DROP the GRENADE. Now go SOUTH and LOOK until the grenade explodes. Now go back NORTH and GET the KEY. DROP the CARPET and go EAST, EAST. GET the SILVER bar and go EAST then DROP the BRACELET.

SMASH the ENCHANTRESS and GET the BRACELET. Go NORTH and GET the NECKLACE. Go NORTH and GET the MIRROR. So SOUTH and DROP the GIRL in the bathing room. Continue SOUTH and WEST then UNLOCK the DOOR and go NORTH, NORTH. GET the PEARLS and go SOUTH, WEST. GET the RING. Go WEST and GET the EMERALD. DROP the HERRING and go NORTH. GET the LAMP and go SOUTH, EAST, EAST, SOUTH, WEST, WEST.


Success is yours!

VILLAGE OF THE LOST SOULS (Robico) - Peter Youde (Continued)
Get some of the objects requested by going SE, NE, OUT, N, N, N, IN, IN, E, NW. Wear the necklace then SE, W, OUT, OUT, SW, S, E, NE, E, N, E, NE. Examine the floor, get the crucifix then SW, W, S, NW, SW, W, IN.

Fill the chalice with water, then go SW, NW and put the crucifix on the altar. Remove the necklace and put that on the altar then drop the staff.

Explore the manor gardens. SE, NE, NE. Get the paddle, then go SW, OUT, E, NE, E. Get the cheese, then go NW, SW, SW, W, W, W, W, W, E, E, E, E, E, SW. Drop the tin chalice and hammer. Go NE, sniff the cheese, IN, GET RELIQUARY, OUT, drop the cheese, W, W, S, SE, get the goat, NW, N, W, get the spade.

Dig in the kitchen garden. W, W, S, S, S, S, S, DIG, DIG, DIG and get the garlic. Now visit the church crypt. N, N, N, N, N, NE, E, E, E, E, SE, W, IN, N, DOWN, DOWN. Eat the garlic and get the ring then return the reliquary to the alter with UP, UP, S, SW, NW. Put the reliquary on the altar and get the staff.

Before visiting the water mill, go SE, NE, OUT, E, NE, NE, UP, NE, JUMP DOWN, drop the goat, go S, get the coracle and go N, IN, GET ROPE, OUT. Make your way to the occult laboratory.

Go SW, then drop the paddle and coracle. SW, E, S, GET MALLET, N, NW, SW, SW, W, W, S, S, UP, GET MATTRESS, DOWN, SW, W, W, IN, NW, S, IN. Tap the third barrel with the mallet, then drop it and go IN, READ GRIMOIRE, BREAK STAFF, DROP JUNK.

Call the Demon by getting the chalk, and drawing a pentacle. Say AZAPHAS, drop the gloves and chalk. Walk out and fall in the pit. OUT, OUT, E. Use the gauntlets to free yourself and collect the other items for the altar.

Drop everything, wear the gauntlets, push the stone and remove the gauntlets. Wear the band, get the spade, ring, rope and mattress. Go in, wear the circlet and get the sceptre.

Return these items to the altar. UP, S, drop the gauntlets, spade, mattress, rope and ring. Go SW, OUT, N, NE, E, E, E, SE, W, IN, SW, NW, remove the circlet and put it and the sceptre on the altar.

Coloured Rooms & Iron Passages

Problems Solved

Adventure's Glossary
Ice sheet. Must surely be crossed.
Ice wall. Try breaking it.
Idol. A treasure or perhaps an important hiding place.
Imp. Mischievous and cannot be trusted.
Inn. A source of liquid refreshment and information. Try looking and listening.
Iron door. May need an iron key.
Iron grating. A key or a saw may be needed.
Island. A boat or a raft must be found or constructed if you wish to travel there.
Jail. There is often no escape. However, a trapdoor or a key may help in your plight.
Jelly fish. Dangerous - must be killed or avoided. Jester. A fool indeed but a source of wisdom most profound. Perhaps he needs a joker.
Jewellery. Just a valuable treasure.
(To be continued)
I begin by thanking Steven Wyeth for his solution to PROJECT THESIUS. Yes, Steven, next month I will publish a list of some BBC Micro adventures which run with Slogger's MASTER RAM BOARD.

I must also thank A. Davidson of Country Durham for his superb solution to STRANDED, which I will feature in a future Hall of Fame.

I received a message on the castle fax machine from Alan Buckley who cannot cross the lake in SPHINX ADVENTURE. I answered this problem in the column last month, Alan.

Andrew Mendham should travel N, E, N, S, E, W, E, S, N, S, E, W, E, S, N, S, E, W, E, S, N from the pirate's hideout if he wishes to meet the Sphinx.

Tim Wye helpfully points out that to begin SAVAGE ISLAND PART TWO, you must type the password: SAY 123.

Tim, Wai Iin Li, My Hoa Lam and Lisa Hudson all way lyrical about Larsoft adventures. I agree wholeheartedly with them that they are the best available for the price.

However, they experience difficulty in WYCHWOOD. The problem is easily solved if they throw the flag at the bull then clear the leaves and examine the hollow.

Tom Kols asks where to find Mr. Video in DODGY GEEZERS. He also asks whether the pickaxe is needed.

Mr. Video will meet you in the snooker hall and you will be arrested if you carry the pickaxe around town, but it is needed later in part 2. So, decide where to stow it. You must choose Tricks, Mr. Video and Soapy for your gang.

The password to part 2 is an anagram of TREV and PETE.

Finally, in AMERICAN SUDS, Peter, David and Ross Jenkins must use the flares from the wardrobe to attract the helicopter.

Examination of the desk will reveal a pin which can be used to draw blood to sign the contract! Look under your seat on the aircraft to find the tool to make your escape.