For many years the Ordanoid droids toiled to maintain the machinery left on distant planets by colonists from Earth. Then scientists developed a superior design of robot called the Proleoid, but instead of supervising the work of the Ordanoids they started to destroy them. Clement is the sole remaining Ordanoid and he must make a last ditch attempt to find the planet's teleport system and warn Earth of the Proleoid problem. LAST OF THE FREE is a ladders and levels game in which you control Clement on his courageous mission.

Control is simple - left, right and jump will get you around quite nicely. The backgrounds used are graphically simple but not complex in construction. As well as the electrified floors and sliding barriers you must also negotiate the numerous Proleoid droids which infect the rooms. These are drawn in more detail than the backgrounds and are well animated.

Some of the droids which move in mid air have flat heads, and these can be used as lifts if you time your jump correctly and then walk at same speed as the droid.

The status display at the bottom of the screen gives information regarding energy level, lives remaining, what you are carrying and scores. I was pleased to find that the design of this display was far superior to that of the version for the BBC Micro.

As you play the game you will notice that you are initially confined to two or three screens as your progress to the higher levels is blocked by various doors. A picture of the necessary key is drawn on each door, a great help as you can only carry one item at a time.

You begin the game with five lives. There are no time bonuses or penalties so you can take as long as you wish to pick a route through a screen. You can fall from any style="padding: 4px" height without incurring any damage, which is very useful as it is easy to lose your footing when attempting a difficult leap between platforms.

LAST OF THE FREE is graphically simple but the routes through the screens are cunning. It will never be a blockbuster but it should still keep the kids amused for days.