For anyone who likes the traditional arcade type games, this is one for you. You're given sole control of an X15 space fighter and as you're zooming along over a decidedly hostile-looking terrain you find that your airspace isn't exactly friendly either.

Endless battalions of Reegs seem intent on knocking the living daylights out of you as well as stealing the precious canisters of...well, what it is that they're trying to steal is not quite clear, but it must be mighty important as your mission is to rescue as much of it as possible.

Happily, you're not totally defenceless, as you can fire back at the Reegs. I advise you to do this, quickly and smartly. If you see a Reeg making off with a canister shoot him and rescue the canister. Placing it on the ground can be very point-profitable. If the Reeg gets the canister to the top of the screen, it develops into a mutant and they're very hard to shake off.

As you go through waves of attack your problems become more and more frustrating. Mine layers, cruisers, buzzers and crawlers are just some of the nasties you'll meet appearing out of nowhere.

And by the way, don't let all your canisters be destroyed, or everything will disintegrate and you'll have a swarm of mutants on your hands.

Should all else fail your smart bomb blows everything to smithereens. All in all it's an enjoyable game for all the family. Graphics are well up to standard and the keys are simple to handle: A and Z for up and down, SHIFT for thrust, RETURN for fire and CAPS LK/FUNC for the smart bomb.

Good stuff. A must for arcade freaks.