Chapter 12. Operator Precedence

When a mathematical or logical expression is being evaluated, all the operators (+,*,DIV etc) are given a priority of 1 to 7. Priority 1 operators are those acted upon first, and priority 7 last.

Here is the complete list:

Priority   Operator
1 - Unary minus
  + Unary plus
  NOT Logical NOT
  FN Functions
  () Brackets
  ?!$ Indirection operators
2 ^ Raise to the power
3 * Multiplication
  / Division
  DIV Integer division
  MOD Integer remainder
4 + Addition
  - Subtraction
5 = Equal to
  <> Not equal to
  < Less than
  > Greater than
  <= Less than or equal to
  >= Greater than or equal to
6 AND Logical and bitwise AND
7 OR Logical and bitwise OR
  EOR Logical and bitwise Exclusive OR

Operators with the same priority are executed left to right, as they appear in the expression. For example, 22 MOD 3/7 is evaluated as (22 MOD 3)/7. All priorities may be overridden by using brackets.