"A nice book... Its easy-to-read style and gradual progress give confidence to the learner while encouraging exploration."
Electron User

Assembly Language Programming On The Electron


Keen to overcome speed restrictions?

Learn to write in assembly language on your Electron and speed up the execution of your programs - great for moving graphics and controlling external devices.

Programming in assembly language brings you into direct contact with the basic building blocks of your micro. It allows much faster running of your programs and much more efficient use of the memory space.

The authors have taken great care to introduce new topics gently and in accordance with their degree of difficulty. If you have some knowledge of BASIC but are starting from scratch with assembly language, this book is written especially for you. Many practical examples and illustrations are given for you to try, together with ideas and suggestions for further experiences.

First Sentence

Programming in assembly language brings you in direct contract with the basic building blocks or architecture of the microcomputer.