"One poem here runs... 'Computer, Computer, how hateful that thing; One day in frustration I'll smash you right in'. How can you follow such a poem?"
Sinclair User

The Family Computer Book


This book is for anyone bewildered by the world of computers - whether they are trying to decide to buy a computer, or have one already but want to do more than play games.

The Family Computer Book explains the jargon and shows exactly what you can, and can't, do on a home computer. It explains BASIC and programming with examples throughout the book which will work on the BBC Micro, Electron, Spectrum and Commodore 64.

The authors also look at hardware and software, covering all areas where a home micro can be of use, including education, games, hobbies and business applications such as word-processing and accounting.

With listings to try out and expand, reviews of commercial programs, ideas for putting your computer to good use and lots of anecdotes and tips, this book is invaluable for any family with a computer.

First Sentence

When you decide to buy a microcomputer, you are about to take an important step which opens up numerous possibilities and may, in time, make a considerable difference to the way in which you and your family live.