The Really Easy Guide To Home Computing: Electron


The Really Easy Guide To Home Computing - Electron

Mike and Rose are the Magic Micros and together with Inspector Key they help to unravel the mysteries of the Electron's keyboard.

This enjoyable and instructive book takes the absolute beginner to computing through all the concepts central to programming in BASIC on the Electron.

With tremendous ease, you will learn how to use all the facilities of the keyboard, how to create a program and make it work, together with editing, program control, simple loops and numeric variables, and how to understand syntax and error messages. You will also learn how to control the placing of text and pictures on the screen, how to use colour and movement and how to produce sound effects.

Achieving your programming skills is above all great fun. In the company of Mike and Rose and your Electron, whatever your age, you will discover the magic of micros.

"A splendid new, large format book... aimed at the beginner ... the book uses zany cartoon characters to help unravel the mysteries of the micro in a lighthearted, but effective way." - The Times on the Spectrum edition

First Sentence

Now that you have a computer you can make it do many things for you.