"A useful book for the beginner who wants to learn programming, at a very reasonable price."
Acorn User

"There's good advice on add-ons and how to use your micro for practical applications."
Personal Computer News

Very Basic Basic: Electron


This book is designed to guide the new Electron user through the first few weeks of programming - from the moment the machine is plugged in to a proficiency in basic programming.

Topics include:

  • Introducing the keyboard
  • Useful computing aids such as recorders and printers
  • Using easy commands
  • How to build a program
  • Programming techniques with advice on variables, looping, branching and counting
  • Practical applications

This book is essential reading for any first-time Electron user. It managed to avoid technical jargon and is also great fun to use. All example programs are presented in quiz, game or self-questionnaire form, fully illustrated for easy reference.

First Sentence

This introduction tells you how to use the book and explains how the book is laid out.