Millsgrade's VOXBOX Speech Synthesis Interface
"Plugs directly into your Electron's expansion slot
Allophone based vocal tract simulation gives Voxbox an unlimited vocabulary
Operates through BASIC with new powerful commands or get talking with the help of our word creation program
A serious peripheral that's a lot of fun!"

- Electron User, July 1984

What It Does

The Voxbox brings speech synthesis to your Electron. It has its own internal speaker and comes with an official program, allowing you to program it to 'speak'.

Artwork And Images

The original Voxbox interface from front and behind. There is currently no emulated version of this interface available.

Front View [Connects to Acorn Electron]
Rear View [No Further Connections]

Downloadable Companions To The VOXBOX

If you are missing any of the components originally bundled with the interface then you can download them by clicking on the links below.

Disc Type: Utility Disc; Featuring Allophone Pronunciation Utility
Supplier: Millsgrade Limited
Release Info: 1986: VOXBOX DEMO DISC, Millsgrade Limited
Compatibility: Electron, Acorn Plus 3 & Voxbox Interface

Author: Millsgrade Limited
Release Information: 1984: VOXBOX, Millsgrade Ltd, £29.95
No. Of Pages: 10
File Type: Microsoft Word Document (Complete)
Suitable For: Electron Fitted With Voxbox Expansion