"The promised addons should prove to be a further incentive in favour of this well designed micro."

"The Electron is what a home computer should be, and with the facilities it has to offer, the price is just right."
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"Acorn has an undoubted winner. The Electron isn't quite as simple as a half priced BBC, but it does bring you amazing graphics and one of the fastest and most capable Basics in the business."
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The Acorn Electron is a 32K machine which connects to a cassette recorder and analogue television. It was produced in 1983 in the United Kingdom by Acorn Computers Ltd as a cheaper version of the BBC Micro. Indeed, it retains the BBC BASIC language meaning that simple programs run on both micros, albeit slightly slower on the Acorn Electron.

Cover Art Language(s): English
Release: On Machine
Original Release Date: 23rd Aug 1983
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