Companion Discs

A selection of official and non-official companion discs in this section

This section introduces the companion discs to both books and magazines that were produced for the Acorn Electron, avoiding crossover with the Professional Releases and Public Domain libraries.

Put simply, the way to consider this section is to say to yourself "I'm looking at a book/magazine of programs for the Acorn Electron here. I wonder if these programs have been typed up..." If they have, then you will find the programs on a 'companion disc' in this section. If they have not - and there are still a very small number of them that have not - then you are on your own (Happy typing!).

You will find that many of the discs in this section are prefaced with some explanatory notes, and that the words 'official' and 'non-official' tend to get used throughout. If a disc is 'official' then it is supplied exactly as it was supplied by the publisher. If a disc is 'non-official', then the programs have been typed up from the original magazines to "create" the companion disc.