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I DO (Acornsoft/Ivan Berg) Loading Screeen - Only Available On Disc Image
I DO (Acornsoft/Ivan Berg) - Game Screenshot


A big box package featuring a suite of programs designed to tell if you, and your current partner, will get along if you take the big step towards either living together or getting married. A range of scales designed to measure specific character traits, including masculinity and femininity, which were designed in the 1980's and provide some fascinating social comment now.

Released by Acornsoft/Ivan Berg

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We do! And we have other sites!

Personal Computer News - The Eighties Machines Are Back!

Personal Computer News, an on-line archive of new web versions of the Eighties mag, featuring loads of type-in programs, software and hardware reviews for Atari, BBC Micro, Dragon 32, Commodore 64, Amstrad, Spectrum and MSDOS machines!

Dragon 32 Universe - Archiving The Green Screened Dragon

Dragon 32 Universe, established 2012, is our attempt to build another Acorn Electron World - for the Dragon 32. Featuring a shop, screenshots, videos and information on Dragon 32 games, we also sell a DVD similar to the AEW one, containing all the games we've currently archived for this little-known computer.


Acorn Electron World is organised into distinct sections, to make it as easy as possible for you to explore all of it and locate any resource you require.


  1. Media
    1. Professional Releases (UK)
      Features the largest archives of the site. Showcases every professional release that could be purchased on the high street (or via mail order) in the Electron's heyday (1982-1991)
    2. Public Domain Releases
      Features all of that software written by home-coders and originally available from the PD libraries circa 1988-1995. All of this software is exclusively disc-based
    3. Companion Discs
      Features the code to accompany books and programs in the Books and Magazines archives - so that if you want to play a game originally supplied as a type-in, you don't need to type it in again. All of this software is exclusively disc-based
    4. Electron User Group (EUG) Discs
      Features the entire library of EUG discs, the User Group founded by Will Watts in 1991 which continues to produce and review new demos, games and other programs to this day. All of this software is exclusively disc-based
    5. Unfinished Games
      Features a selection of games that never made it to publication and exist in half-finished versions. All of this software is exclusively disc-based
    6. Unreleased Games
      Features a selection of games originally designed to be Professional Releases, but which did not ultimately make it to publication. All of this software is exclusively disc-based
    7. Adults Only
      Features a selection of games that were designed for an adult audience. All of this software is exclusively disc-based and the catalogue is only available on the DVD and USB
  2. Books
    Features all of the third party books supplied for the Electron, some of which are available as Word files for download. Most books are in English only, with some available in Dutch, French and German.
  3. Game Help
    Features a library of assistance with games released for the Electron, compiled from Electron User magazine, EUG's Elk Entertainment columns and the hintsheets supplied by The Impact Games Club
  4. Elkulator 1.0 Emulator (For PC)
    Tom Walker's Acorn Electron emulator, which will allow you to play all of the games on your modern PC.
  5. Hardware
    Information, photographs and downloadable User Guides for the Acorn Electron itself. Includes the on-line version of the English Acorn Electron User Guide with Microsoft Word versions in other languages
  6. Expansions
    Features information, photographs and downloadable User Guides for all of the expansions produced for it over the years.
  7. Magazines
    Features individually scanned pages of all of the magazines in which the Electron has been featured, or which published programs for it
  8. ROMs
    Features information, photographs and downloadable User Guides for the ROM chips produced for the Electron. User Guides are in Microsoft Word format
  9. ROM Cartridges
    Features an archive of information on Acornsoft's ROM Cartridges for the Electron
  10. Videos
    Features an archive of programming tutorials
  11. Useful Links
    Links to emulation sites, our favourite sites plus a library of software programs that can be installed on your PC to enable you to turn it into an Electron, read from/write to original media and play around with files

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