ROM Chips


Welcome to the Acorn Electron World ROM archives. Here you will find images of the ROM expansions produced for the Electron. These can then be installed on your emulated Acorn Electron to allow it to use maximum memory for whatever task the ROM is designed for.

Up to eight ROMs can be installed at any one time. However, certain combinations of ROMs do not work together and can cause unpredictable results.

Unlike any other archive, ROM expansions have caused the most challenges in emulation. Many need to be 'patched' to work under emulation at all and this then begs the question whether the original ROM, or the patched version, is the one for download. Furthermore, the original Acorn Electron hardware only supported the addition of ROMs through third party expansions. The number of users of these must today be in the region of zero, hence another question over whether anyone really needs the original ROMs at all.

With this position as the starting point, this archive is for emulation users only. You should download the ROM and extract it to the 'roms' folder of your Acorn Electron emulator.

Almost all of the ROMs available here have downloadable user guides in Microsoft Word format.