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You can purchase separate a USB stick of the entire library (or the older, individual DVDs of parts of the archives) by reading through the information below and making payment with Paypal. The Acorn Electron World USB is sent out in a DVD-size box. (The Acorn Electron World DVD is now supplied with a professional inlay and stickered disc, whilst the others are supplied labelled and in clear sellophane wrapping.) All products are sent out in padded envelopes.

Models Games Guides: Acorn Electron

Models' Games Guides: Acorn Electron Models' Games Guides: Acorn Electron Models' Games Guides: Acorn Electron

I'm proud to present the first new Acorn Electron book for over thirty years. My book, written by me, featuring a complete guide to collecting for the Acorn Electron, reviews of a hundred Acorn Electron games and illustrated with cover art, screenshots and the machines themselves in the hands of our professional models. At 188 pages, and restricted to a small print run, this book is a limited run, printed on glossy high quality paper and costs £29.95 plus £3.70 postage and packing. A hardback version of the book can also be ordered via Blurb.

The Acorn Electron World DVD

Acorn Electron DVD Cover & Disc

The Acorn Electron World DVD is the mirror of the whole of the web-site, but with all of the content, and costs £13.95 all-inclusive of postage and handling fees to anywhere in the world.

The Acorn Electron World USB

This is our latest, brand new, updated product, released 16th June 2019. This product contains all of the "old" DVDs (although these are still available), saving you money, time and hassle. You receive the USB in the DVD box too, so it can still take pride of place on your bookshelf!

The Acorn Electron World USB is a 64Gb USB stick featuring an archive approximately ten times the size of the Acorn Electron World DVD. It includes everything you could ever want or need to know about the Acorn Electron, and saves you the hassle of collecting DVDs to get it. It costs £29.95 all-inclusive of postage and handling fees to anywhere in the world.

On the Acorn Electron World USB, you get all of the following products, catalogued in full towards the bottom of this page:

  1. The complete Acorn Electron World archives (i.e. every professional, public domain, companions, adult and unreleased release... plus thousands of additional cover scans, media scans, screenshots and information)
  2. The complete Acorn Electron magazine archives (i.e. the scans of A&B Computing, Acorn User, Computer Gamer, Electron User, Home Computing Weekly, Personal Computer News and Personal Computer Games with thousands of articles converted to html for very easy access. Note that the scans of Input, The Micro User and Acorn Computing are not included.)
  3. The complete Acorn Electron book archives (i.e. every book, manual and user guide ever released)

This product is the most thoroughly curated, and updated thing that we offer. Everything is intuitively linked - i.e. games are linked to screenshots, instructions, reviews and solutions - so that any Electron item is only ever a few mouse clicks away.

A quick glance at the following table summarises all the goodies present on the DVD - but it is also helpful to think of the online version as a large contents page. Buy the DVD and all of the links that 'don't go where you expect and actually re-direct you here' actually work - and you get everything!

Web Site
The Libraries Containing summaries of 2,700+ titles
Emulators & Utilities ElectrEm, Elkulator, FDC, IMG2BBC & MakeUEF - How to use them to play Acorn Electron games on your PC
Tape Images ("UEF"s) 500 approx. different games to download!
Electron User Group Issues All the articles, game help and reviews from the Electron User Group, charting the progression of the Electron after its heyday passed, and its slip into antiquity
Game Help 200+ solutions and game maps to Acorn Electron titles
Disc Images 2,700+ approx. different discs to download, including companion program discs to every Electron book & magazine produced - and every Public Domain game released!
Electron User Issues Every page of the popular magazine fully scanned and indexed, its companion disc, and with all reviews also available in html format
Electron User Group (EUG) Discs Every disc produced by the Electron User Group
Hardware Information Information and User Guides in various languages (English, Dutch, etc), on every Acorn Electron expansion ever produced. All User Guides are supplied in Microsoft Word format
Reviews In Web Format All the reviews from A&B Computing, Acorn Computing, Acorn User, The Micro User and Electron User linked directly to each title
Miscellaneous All manner of articles from years of archiving, on everything from building a weather station to games programming

From Cradle To Cyberspace

You don't have to be a genius to see the amount of work that has gone into Acorn Electron World - everything ever produced for the Acorn Electron has been collected, scanned and coupled up with screenshots. The DVD however goes way beyond this - if you need information on anything Electron-related, it's on there. The whole life story of a single machine from cradle to cyberspace. And, whilst £13.95 may seem a lot for information that we used to host for free, you are sparing yourself a whole week of pointing and clicking to download it all, not to mention getting hold of everything for the same price as a single game back in the day!

100% All-Exclusive Content

Acorn Electron World is also somewhat different to the other 8bit websites out there in that it contains almost 100% all-exclusive content. We have taken the time not just to preserve each and every program (or magazine, book or whatever), but also to make it significantly better. So we have handdrawn hundreds of original loading screens based on the game's cover art; laboriously sat over steaming keyboards copying technical manuals; played though all of our adventure solutions, and checked and re-checked whether everything works on the original Electron hardware. (For a very small selection of discs from our library, please do look at the games featured section.) But Acorn Electron World, like the numerous 8-bit sites that preceded it, may one day disappear. So a number of DVDs 'out there' makes it much more likely that the information can be preserved for future generations.

How To Buy

Acorn Electron World DVD

2008 was the year that Dave E, Acorn Electron World's webmaster, finally finished everything he could and reluctantly moved the site from being free to being DVD only. Yes, there are still some small omissions from the DVD - no one can crack the customised tape loader on Superman - The Man Of Steel, for example - but your £13.95 buys everything from the original user guides to the cover art to Spy Snatcher (the last ever professional release). We are sure you'll agree in all respects that it's the bargain of the year!

Inclusive of domestic/international postage

Note: Some versions of Internet Explorer do not support the automatic Paypal button. If you find you get an error after clicking the button, please access the site using either Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome.

Other Products

You can still order any or all of the DVDs below, but the entire libraries of A&B, Acorn User, Home Computing Weekly, Personal Computer Games, Personal Computer News and Electron User are included on the Acorn Electron World USB... plus you won't need a DVD drive in order to access them!

In addition to the best-selling Acorn Electron DVD with all of the above content, we have worked tirelessly to produce scanned libraries of all the popular Acorn magazines (A&B Computing, Acorn Computing, Acorn User, Let's Compute!, Personal Computer News and The Micro User), plus the entire library of books. Well over one million separate scans over a seventeen month period, these magazines cover the period 1982-1991 and are saved in high-resolution 900 x 1280 (or higher) .jpg format, with every page of every issue perfectly preserved - and all the individual companion cassettes and discs included.

To buy one or more of them, please scroll down and click the appropriate link below.

Note that The Micro User DVD collection is available in both a HQ and a 'lite' version. The HQ version features scans in 1400 x 2000 .jpg format. Whilst the content is the same, the quality of scan is significantly better in the HQ version; however, the resulting size of images require more physical DVDs to be supplied, hence the cost is fractionally higher.

Other Products

The first DVD (Vol. 1 No. 01 to Vol. 3 No. 01), featuring a wealth of programming goodies for the BBC Models A & B and the Electron. Featuring arcade games Cellars, Bomb Run, Bouncer, Ikon, Mosaic, Scruge, Ghosts plus the Adventurescape utility, which went on to become the creation tool of choice for ACP/Pres and Heyley Software. All issues come with companion disc of programs, and each page scanned in at 1400 x 2000px resolution
The second DVD (Vol. 3 No. 02 to Vol. 5 No. 02), featuring another 25 issues of gaming fun. More arcade games (Olsen, Gimpo, Rondaxians, Jumpers and Bionic Bert), more suites of programs (Astronomy and Tangram) and, of course, more programming utilities and reviews than you can shake a stick at. The issues up to Vol. 4 No. 08 come with the companion disc of programs (From Vol. 4 No. 09, A&B no longer published code to type in), and each page scanned in at 1400 x 2000px resolution
The third DVD (Vol. 5 No. 03 to Vol. 7 No. 03), featuring the final 25 issues of the magazine before it converted to Archimedes World. By now the BBC and Electron were thought of as outdated, and the Archimedes was A&B's primary focus. However, there are still more than ample articles, reviews and cheats to discover within these pages, each scanned in at 1400 x 2000px resolution
All three A&B COMPUTING DVDs, for those who need the entire run for their Acorn fix or those desperate to replace their physical copies that take up about a square metre of floor space! Comes with all the bonus content present on the three individual DVDs
The first DVD, featuring 'the early issues' (#001 - #038); games and features for the BBC A, B, Atom and Electron. Bonuses include html versions of all games-related articles, including Quadline, Picture Slide, Run Silent Run Deep and The Train Game.
The second DVD, featuring 'the big issues' (#039 - #063); games and features for the BBC B, B+, Master 128 and Electron. This DVD also includes a bonus folder featuring the companion discs to most of the Acorn User magazines plus html versions of all games-released articles, including Castle Of Nightmares, Castle Of Nightmares 2, Rollicking Robots, Shuggy's Garden, Spectramania and Xor.
The third DVD, featuring 'the time-to-upgrade issues' (#064 - #100); introducing the Archimedes and games and features for the BBC B, B+, Archimedes, A3000 and Acorn Electron. Also includes html-illustrated articles for drawing professional pictures with the BBC/Electron, the celebrated Fireworks demo plus amazing BBC titles such as Codename: Druid, Imagen, Micro-Sherlock, Picpac, Siepinksi Gasket, The Return Of Felinar, The Warlord and Wizalon.
The fourth DVD, featuring almost wholly Archimedes and RISC PC content (#101 - #125) with only a passing reference to 8-bit. Featuring images of each page of each magazine at a high resolution 1400px x 2000px (found to be necessary due to the very small typeface used in the famous 'Yellow Pages' articles.
All four ACORN USER DVDs, for die-hard fans of the genre or those desperate to replace their physical copies that take up about a square metre of floor space! Comes with all the bonus content present on the four individual DVDs
The full run of 52 issues of the INPUT magazine, which was aimed at the computer-owning schoolboy and attempted to teach programming and all of the recent advances in technology. Also contains a library of companion programs for the BBC and Electron, including Cliffhanger, officially the hardest type-in game ever published!
The full run of twelve issues of Let's Compute!, the magazine which 'succeeded' Electron User, featuring the adventures of Rom and Ram, The Micro Kid and programs designed to make computing fun.
The often forgotten Personal Computer News ran to 168 issues, with the only surviving trace of its existence a few references in random magazine quotations. After ten years of searching, we have tracked down the entire run of issues and all of them are available in full on these two DVDs. We have also set up an entire site dedicated to this treasure trove of computing - Personal Computer News - where we are slowly but surely creating fully digital versions of them!
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By far, our most ambitious project so far - the entire run of 115 issues of The Micro User. Available as either HQ (1400px x 2000px) and 'lite' (890px x 1278px), each collection of DVDs features every last issue of the magazine. And that's not all! Disc images of every companion program, utility and game are also included as bonus content, as well as the original free supplements Business Micro User and Electron User. The cradle to grave history of the BBC Micro and Electron available at long last!
Acorn Computing took over The Micro User mantle at Vol. 10 No. 8, with the BBC Micro and Electron now catered for via the cover-mounted 'Mega Disks'. Though the mag is 95% Archimedes/RISC PC, these disks are of a very high standard, with programs featuring many files and loading screens. This set of two DVDs features the full run of the magazine (at 1200 x 1750px resolution), from Vol. 10 No. 8 to Vol. 13 No. 1 (including the two 'specials'), and includes the BBC/Elk companion disc for each individual issue: Get set for all those games you've never seen before; to name but a few Q-Master, Omniscient, Androidz, Demo Creator's Toolkit, Cyboto and Hex.
Your Computer was one of the earliest computing periodicals and featured type-in games of a very high quality for all the modern home computers of the era. It began publishing games and utilities for the BBC and Electron in Vol. 2 No. 10 and continued until Vol. 6 No. 5. This set of five DVDs features the first six volumes of the magazine (Vol. 1 No. 1 to Vol. 6 No. 12) in high-quality 1600 x 2260px resolution and also includes a BBC/Elk companion disc for each individual issue. A whole library of new machine code games await, many of which have been missing for many decades!
An entire library on a double DVD set!
The Acorn Electron was the subject of an astonishing 150 separate books written and published in the early 1980s - and on this special 2 DVD boxset you get them all in a single purchase! Learn how to program in machine code, the early period of Artificial Intelligence, the theory of educational programming, how to market your bedroom-written software masterpiece, or just bang away on some hitherto unseen BASIC wargames. It's impossible not to find something of interest in this library! Like the original Acorn Electron World DVD, the Acorn Electron World Books DVD also now comes in a presentational case complete with slick inlay.


In relation to all of our DVDs, please note that we supply our products on the most popular "DVD-R" type discs. If you are unlucky enough to have an older "DVD+R" type drive, then you will need to e-mail us (on dave_a_e@hotmail.com) after placing your order and instruct us that you require your DVDs on "DVD+R" discs. (Fortunately, most newer "DVD+R" drives do recognise "DVD-R" discs!)

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