Books Archive

A selection of books by third party suppliers for the Acorn Electron

Welcome to the Acorn Electron World books archive. Did you know that, in total, over 120 separate books were published for the Acorn Electron?! All of them are of course now long out of print - and probably did not have the longest of print runs to begin with. In this archive, you will find details of every book that we have collected over the years that was specifically aimed at the Acorn Electron user. A small number of BBC Micro books which contained wholly compatible Acorn Electron programs are also included.

Please note that this is not a User Guide archive. If you are looking for instructions on how to operate the Acorn Electron, or any of its many expansions, you are in the wrong section; you need to look up the individual expansion in the hardware land section.

We have scanned all of the books which comprise this library and a Acorn Electron Books DVD can be purchased from us which includes all 120 books in scanned format (Some books are available in PDF and Microsoft Word format too!). If you are viewing this on the official Acorn Electron World DVD (not the specific books one) then you can still see all the information about the book but you will not be able to view its scan.

Few books came with companion cassettes when released back in the early Eighties, although often a cassette was available from the publishers by writing to them directly (and paying them some more money). Indeed, one of the most prevalent forms of book type was a collection of programs for the reader to type in himself. Fortunately, the vast majority of such books have now been typed, saved and turned into companion discs, which can be accessed from the companion disc library.

In addition to the common book of type-in programs, books were written on such diverse subjects as implementing artificial intelligence, how to market your bedroom-written masterpiece to a professional software publisher, how to write arcade games and even how to build your own add-on projects. In addition, Acornsoft/Adder also published several Advanced User Guides and of course the Electron Service Manual. Brief information (that is, the information on the 'blurb' of each book) is available here, along with a link to the book's entry on the Open Library site, which gives further details on where each book can be tracked down if you are looking for a printed copy.