Magazine(s) Scan Archive

A selection of magazines which featured the Acorn Electron

Welcome to the Acorn Electron World magazine archives. The humble Elk had quite a bit of support when first released - with a wide range of programs appearing for it in many newsagents' magazines. Over the years, we have amassed a large collection of these magazines and have started to make many of them available in this section.

The leading, and longest-running, magazine for the Electron was Electron User and each issue of this has been scanned, catalogued and uploaded to the relevant section. Each issue also has its own companion cassette (and disc) of programs. Other magazines of the era are only showcased here - currently in various stages of completeness.

Images of magazine pages are included as .jpg images, with some articles also available as web pages. When these archives are finally completed, this section will feature a search engine, allowing for all information on a particular term to be displayed.