ROM Cartridges

Acornsoft's selection of games on ROM Cartridge for the PLUS 1

Acorn Computers built the Electron to be a machine of limitless expansion possibilities, and its Acorn Plus 1 and Acorn Plus 3 expansions were the first hardware expansions it created.

The Acorn Plus 1 included two cartridge slots and Acornsoft launched a number of games and utilities on cartridge. Rather curiously, the cartridges did not allow the game to run instantaneously and the games cartridges were not very successful. However, its word processor View became a 'must-have' for any serious Acorn Electron user.

There are rumours out in cyberspace that Elite was produced on a ROM cartridge - and there is also a very scarce Demonstration Cartridge which we have seen, but not picked up yet. There were also a few advertisements in the Acorn Press for ROM cartridges featuring the Micro Power games.

At the moment, this archive showcases only the official Acornsoft titles that we have found.