Electron User Group (EUG) Discs

A selection of EUG's famous 'openers', which were designed by the readers themselves

EUG is a disc-based magazine for the Acorn Electron and BBC computers. It ran regularly from July 1991 (EUG #0) until January 2002 (EUG #62), coming on ADFS 1D00 and DFS format six times a year. It is now produced on an ad hoc basis, roughly once per year. All of the articles produced by EUG over the years are freely viewable. The discs themselves are available on our DVD. EUG also produced several 'special' discs of software, which are located in the PD World catalogue.

A complete history of EUG is unnecessary here as the magazines themselves contain many articles charting its progression. Suffice it to say that EUG evolved over time into a slick publication where each disc contained a wealth of mail, demos, utilities, games and reviews. Rather like Electron User, the magazine which preceded it in fact. Indeed, the disc issues #0 to #8 were at one time only available on paper but were then recompiled onto disc to complete the EUG collection.

Use the navigation bar to find a particular issue. Links are displayed to all the text included in that issue, or you can click the header (i.e. "EUG #xx") to view the issue with its own navigation bar.

Be aware that there is one disc - EUG #43/#44 - which combined two issues on the same disc. Why this happened we are not particularly sure!


Just some of the many professional games that found their way to EUQ HQ
From left to right: The Argument Sketch, 3D Editor, Spacegolf, Father Christmas' Crackers