Ever since this column first appeared way back in EUG #3, I have been meaning to discuss what can happen if you load BBC versions of games on the old Elk. The main reason for not bringing up the subject until now is because it was covered by "Hac-Man" in (what was) The Micro User - at the same time I was typing up my notes! Ah well, ...great minds think alike! But not being one to waste a perfectly good topic, I will divulge what I have found out.

It is quite amazing how many BBC games are compatible with the Elk. For example, I managed to get the BBC game Carnival to work, although the sound has to be turned off with the *FX210,1 command if you want to remain sane after five minutes play! Unfortunately the game was a little too slow to be fun for long (which was only to be expected really). If you load the BBC Condition Red, you get a rather atmospheric bit at the beginning as you watch transmissions on screen and everything goes critical. But the game is so very slow you just can't play it - although it's worth trying just for opening sequences.

The Last Of The Free is must too fast to play in my opinion, so I decided to load the BBC version. Not only does it run at a slower speed, but it is also slightly different to the Elk version. The only drawbacks are that the bottom of the screen gets corrupted, and the music, to be kind, is appalling!

If you've found any BBC games that are different, easier, or just plain better when run on the Elk, please let us know.

In the rest of this column you'll find the final part of the Last Ninja 2 solution, the continuation of the Elixir solution, and a couple of cheats.

LAST NINJA 2, Superior/Acornsoft
Level 4 - The Cellar
Climb the ladder and collect the credit card that is on the screen you start on. Work your way to and get the meat, then climb down the ladder. Jump over the railway tracks or you'll get run over! Collect the poison and the meat will become poisoned. To get past the dog, hold the poisoned meat. To finish the level, beat up the guard and hold the passcard when walking through the door.

Level 5 - The Office
Collect the code (YTPJ) from the computer terminal. Collect the Shruiken and make your way to the room that has a black cross on the floor. Walk onto the cross and press "P". Climb the ladder and work your way to the outside fan. To get past the fan you'll just have to keep trying I'm afraid, although I found that jumping helps - but so does practice! Once on the outside of the building, get to the Heli-Pad and walk onto the black cross. Again, press "P" to finish the level.

Level 6 - Kunitoki Castle
Pick up the rope. Jump through the window. On the screen before the black screen you should see a large box on the wall. Punch the button on the box. If you have been successful, the computer will beep. The black screen will now be lit up and you will see yet another fan to get past. Having achieved this, go to the screen that has black dots on the floor. Walk over the dots until they have all turned yellow. You will then be asked for the code you collected from the computer terminal on Level 5. Type it in and - Hurray! - you've completed the game! Shame about the disappointing ending though...

Talking of game endings, the only decent one I've seen is the congrats screen for Superman - Man Of Steel. Anybody got a favourite end screen for an Elk game?

Elixir Part 2, Superior/Acornsoft
There will be a hook in the top left hand corner. Jump past this and the thread will catch on to it and make a rope to the bottom. Go down the rope and get the pill from the room. Now go down the other rope. The room that you are now in contains the magic bean. Get it. Collect the pill from this room. Go right, then right again, and you should be in a room where flashing light bulbs are shooting. Get the pill from this room. Go right, and you will now be in a room with lipstick missiles. Go right again. Collect the pill from this room. Go right again.

Now go up the threat that is in this room and collect the pill and the bottle stop. Go right and collect the pill. Go back left and up the string, this time all the way to the top. Go left and left again and switch off the gas tap, which is done by jumping on the pill in this room. Now go back right to where the thread was that you came up and keep your finger on the 'Fire' button and you will be able to jump onto the cotton reel. Now go and get covered in oil and go right. Get the pill from this room and go right again.

Collect the pill from this room and go down the thread. Jump onto the platform and go up the other piece of thread. Make your way to the top of the screen and go left. Collect the chewing gum. Now go back right and back down the string. Collect the eye-shield and the pill from this room. Go left and left again. Go up the thread in this room and go over to the place where you got covered in oil. There should be a black square just by you. Jump onto the square then jump onto the jar next to it, then onto the glass. You will now be able to jump up and grab the string. More next issue.


Alphatron, Tynesoft - Infinite Lives

      >170 END 

The rest of the game will load. When the prompt appears, enter:


Bumble Bee, Micro Power - No Spiders/Turbo Game

      >*LOAD BEE
      >?&180C=2:REM No Spiders
      >?&180C=0:REM Turbo Game/No Spiders
      >CALL &1FDD

Look out for the start of a serialisation of the Pipeline Graphics Designer instructions next issue!

Christian Weber, EUG #8